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Jan 16, 2016:  Super Science Saturday - Soaping the Scientific Method


Jan 19- April 14, 2016:  Simply Science - Spring Session


Feb 20:  Super Science Saturday - Dynamic DNA


March 19, 2016:  Super Science Saturday - Fountains of Fire


April 16, 2016:  Super Science Saturday - Dino-mite Dinosaurs


May 14, 2016:  Annual Science Fair


May 14, 2016:  All Kids' Science Bash




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Our animal ambassadors are varied and diverse, with cute fuzzies like rabbits and guinea pigs, to some scary creatures such as tarantulas and scorpions. Our staff and animals are ready to give you a terrific hands-on experience, whether you choose to visit us at the Museum or schedule a presentation at your location. Please see below for our current offerings and stay tuned for more on the way!


Creature Feature WorkshopsCreature Feature Animal Shows

Join us at one of our animal encounters for up-close learning! Touch or hold some creepy crawlies or cute cuddlies, and learn about their design features and characteristics. Private, 45-minute Creature Feature Workshops can be added to a scheduled group tour (fifteen or more people) for an additional cost. See the add-on options page for details.

Special one-hour Creature Feature workshops for families will be held on select dates for $5 per person or $20 per family. Check the calendar below.


Upcoming Workshops |

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Traveling Animal Tracks WorkshopsTraveling Animal Tracks Workshops

This program is available to schools, churches, and other venues. Our animal ambassadors come to your location for a hands-on learning experience! Each presentation is developed according to the state standards of Ohio. Choose from the current list of topics available:

  • Habitats and Homes - Discover some of the strange places that animals call home. We will explore burrows, dens, nests, and hives with live animal ambassadors! Recommended for grades 1-3
  • Ecology and Adaptations - Ecology is the study of relationships between living things and their ecosystems. We will discuss food webs and the special features that animals have to help them where they live. Recommended for grades 2-4
  • Hide and Seek (Camouflage) - We often walk right by an animal and never know that it was there. Animals hide for many reasons and with a variety of capabilities. We will take an up-close look at some animals that are masters of disguise. Recommended for grades 2-4
  • Venoms and Toxins - Venom is an important tool that many species use to eat and defend themselves. People use these substances for many reasons in medicine and other fields. We will discover some fascinating facts about venom and toxins with the help of some cool critters. Recommended for grades 4-6
  • What's For Dinner? (Diets and Eating Habits) - Some animals eat plants, others eat other animals, and some will eat just about anything. Animals have their favorite foods just like people, and we will discover what some of them are and how they eat once they get it. Recommended for grades 3-5
  • Offense and Defense (Predators vs. Prey) - The animal world is full of danger and animals must use the skills and features they have to survive. We will explore some of the ways that animals hunt and how some defend themselves in a hands-on way. Recommended for grades 4-6
  • Conservation and Stewardship - Many species of animals are threatened in their natural habitats. People around the world work to prevent the loss of these animals. Let's explore how people are managing animal populations and what we can do to help. Recommended for grades 5-8

Each topic listed is for a one-hour, hands-on presentation. Requests for topics not listed above are welcome. Programs can be tailored for any age group. For pricing information and to schedule, please contact Zoology Director Megan Beaver or call the Museum at (330)665-3466.


Although we do our best, we CANNOT guarantee that the animals you request for a program will be available on the day of your program due to illness, gestation, ecdysis, etc. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Read our "Species Spotlight" column on our Museum blogLearn some fascinating facts about animals from our collection and from around the world!

Read our Species Spotlight column on our blog.

Project WILD Workshops

The Akron Fossils & Science Center hosts Project WILD, Aquatic Project WILD, and Growing Up WILD workshops. Project WILD is sponsored by the Ohio Division of Wildlife. Project WILD materials are provided free of charge by the ODNR—Division of Wildlife and is funded in part by the Wildlife Diversity income tax check-off program and the Cardinal License Plate Fund. Aquatic Project WILD is funded by the Sportfish Restoration Program. Please check the Calendar of Events for dates. For registration or workshop information, please contact Megan Beaver at the Museum by phone at (330) 665-3466 or through e-mail.




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