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Upcoming Events

March 18: Super Science Saturday-

 Radical Rockets

April 15:  Super Science Saturday

Exploring Circuits

May 13: Annual Science Fair

May 13:  All Kids' Science Bash

May 20:  Super Science Saturday-   

 Soil Studies


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Guided Tours

Explore thousands of years of history and science

All of our museum tours are guided tours

The museum is designed for guided tours. Visitors must be accompanied by a tour guide in order to explore the exhibits and receive the hands-on experience. No exceptions.

Tours begin at the bottom of the hour for individuals and families. The first tour begins at 10:30am and the last tour is at 3:30pm. Several individuals or families may be combined together onto one tour if multiple visitors arrive at the same time.

Hands-on and Age Appropriate

One of the reasons we give guided tours of our museum is so each visitor gets a specially catered tour to their specific age, interest and comprehension level. Plus every visitor gets the chance to hold real fossils and dinosaur bones!

Woolly Mammoth Jawbone

Individual and Family Tours

No minimum tour size. No advance reservations are needed for individuals and families, only for groups of 15 or more people. We recommend, however, that you call in advance to make sure you are not arriving at the same time as a previously scheduled group. Please note that many schools take field trips during April and May. We are typically very busy during these months.

Group Tours

Our group discount is available for groups of at least 15 people. Please make your reservations no later than two weeks in advance. Group tours may be scheduled at the top of the hour beginning at 10am with the last group tour available at 3:00pm.




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