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What’s New in the Museum?

Here’s a chronological list of things that we've added to the Museum and Truassic Park since we opened in 2005.

2014 - New playground equipment in Truassic Park and gardens planted.

2013 - Remodeling the following exhibits: Biblical History, Living Fossils, Mount Saint Helens, Gems and Minerals, Dinosaurs and Dragons, and Grand Canyon.

2012 - Launch of our Living Animal Collection which will have some animals on permanent display and some reserved only for shows and special events.

2012 - One of our classroom's received a make-over to accommodate our new Amazing Astronomy themed Birthday Party. Black-lights illuminate millions of glow-in-the-dark stars and galaxies that decorate the walls and ceiling!

2012 - A Brachiosaurus dinosaur sculpture was added to Sanderson Lecture Hall along with the completion of the remodeling project there. The Brachiosaurus was kindly donated by Louisville First Assembly of God.

2011 - A life sized T. rex skeleton (pictured on our home page) with a 3-D skull was erected in Sanderson Lecture Hall.

2011 - Sanderson Lecture Hall was created when the museum obtained an additional 1,000 square feet in our building complex. An additional office and classroom were also acquired with the expansion. This enabled us to relocate the original lecture hall into the new space. Sanderson Lecture Hall is named in honor of our founder, William Sanderson, and his family.

2011 - A new Birthday Party Room was created in the old lecture hall while the original party room was enlarged and redesigned to match the theme of our Wacky Mad Scientist Birthday Parties.

2011 – A Dragon was artistically rendered from the English legend of the Lambton Worm (which tells the story of a dragon in a well) and added to our Cryptozoology Exhibit. A life sized reconstruction of a pillar carving that looks identical to a Stegosaurus was also added to the Cryptozoology Exhibit; the original carving is on a 12th century pillar in the Cambodian Temple Ta Prohm and is still standing today!

2011 - A life size replica of the Piri Re'is map from 1513 was added to the Ice Age Exhibit. This map seems to depict the ice-free shores of Antarctica prior to the Ice Age! Maybe the Ice Age happened recently?!

2010 - A large Lepidodendron fossil imprint was added to the Living Fossils collection. It was found locally in Stark County, Ohio.

2010 - The “Chance  Zone” Exhibit was created to show the astronomical probability for life to create itself. The Chance Zone has a tube filled with 999,000 blue beads and 1 red bead. Your chances of finding the red bead are One-in-a-Million!

2010 – The Fossil Restoration Exhibit was created to show three stages of dinosaur bone extraction and restoration starting from a fossilized bone encased in a sediment matrix to the reconstruction and presentation of the bone in a museum quality display. This exhibit also shows pictures of our Founder and Director of Outreach on a Mastodon and Dinosaur dig.

2009 - A beautiful slab of Ortheceras fossils from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco was donated to the museum collection; it is on display by our Grand Canyon model that also depicts similar marine creatures that were buried rapidly by an enormous amount of water-borne sediment.

2008 – A life-sized model of a Ceolacanth was added to the Living Fossils Exhibit.

2008 - A Grand Canyon model, depicting a cross section of the canyon, was built to depict how the sedimentary rocks in Grand Canyon (as well as the Canyon itself) were formed rapidly. A video tour of the eruption of Mt. St. Helen's was also added to the Geology Exhibit.

2007 – An actual size tracing of the Katchina Land Bridge “dinosaur?” from Blanding, Utah was added to our Cryptozoology Exhibit.

2006 – A Plate Tectonics Globe of the surface of the Earth was added to the end of our Bible History Exhibit.

2006 - A dinosaur skull cast of a Hadrosaurus and an Ica Burial Stone from the Paracas culture living in the Peruvian Desert (circa 300 B.C.) were added to the museum collection.

2005 – The Science Center opened with guided tours and hands-on fossils and artifacts being shown to visitors. Some of the items that our visitors can touch and/or hold are our: Meteorites, an Oviraptor Egg, a Woolly Mammoth Femur, Ica Burial Stone Replicas, a Brachiosaurus Toe Bone Replica, Dinosaur Bones in Matrix, and more! Not to mention the opportunity to see our Juvenile Triceratops Head Mount, Giant Salamander Fossil, and our 1:72nd scale model of Noah’s Ark in the Bible History Exhibit.

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What’s New in Truassic Park?

2012 - Viers Ditch was dredged by the county which has opened up many new opportunities in our ongoing Creek Ecology Research Project for students participating in our public and private classes at the Museum.

2010 - A Nine Hole Mini-Golf course was installed. Hole sponsorships for the golf course are still available.

2010 - A Picnic Shelter was built to provide better eating accommodations for visitors with packed lunches or for those who just want to sit down in the shade.

2006 - Our Two-Story Giant Slide was constructed and built.

2005 – Truassic Park opened with an Obstacle Course, Suspension Bridge, Dino Kiddie-Land (complete with a tree fort, slide, swings, mini-zip-line and Dino-500 bike race track), Super Paper Airplane Launching site, Dinosaur Hunting with water balloon hurling slingshots, Merry-Go-Rounds, 4-Person Helicopter Swing, Giant Swing, Nerve Wracking Ball and 200 foot long Zip-Line already installed! The Park was built by our founder, William Sanderson, and his friend Denny Osborn and a small army of volunteers. In fact, volunteers continue to be the strong backbone of our organization today. Maybe you would like to join our ranks? If so, please click here.

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What's New in Programs & Events?


2013 - Youth Nights launched.

2013 - Our regular Lecture Series was expanded to offer activities to the whole family and has been renamed as the Family Lecture Series.

2012 - Our fourth Birthday Party theme: Jungle Jamboree was launched.

2012 - Our Zoology Department launched three new teaching programs about wildlife. Now Creature Feature Workshops are offered at the Museum on select Saturdays, Traveling Animal Tracks Workshops are offered in schools and the certifiable Project Wild Workshops are being offered at the Museum under the oversight of the Division of Wildlife from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

2012 - Our Creation Science Festival program was added to our arsenal of outreach speaking programs.
2012 - A Research Library was formulated with the generous donation of hundreds of books, videos and audio tapes and CDs from our supporters. Currently all of the items in the library are  only accessible while visiting the Museum.

2011 – In May our 3rd Annual Science Fair Convention received two $500 cash prize scholarships from the Alicia Cooper Memorial. The scholarships were awarded to two high school students who participated in the science fair and won in their age categories.

2011 - Zoology Deparment launched by Megan Beaver.

2011 – Our Amazing Astronomy, Wacky Mad Scientist, and Getting Dusty Digging for Dinos Birthday party themes were launched.

2011 – Our first annual Holiday Camp was launched during the week between Christmas and New Year’s.

2010 – Our first annual Rappelling Trip took place on the rugged cliffs in Hocking Hills State Park down in Logan, Ohio. This trip continues to be offered every August before school begins.

2009 – Our first annual Science Fair took place in May; it continues to be offered annually in the month of May.

2007 – Our Science Adventure Club! (SAC) Classes, Private Tutoring, and Off-site Presentations (such as Museum in a Backpack) were all started this year.

2006 – Our first annual five-day Wilderness Canoe Trip took place in the Minnesota-Canadian Boundary Waters. This area is officially known as the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW). The trip continues to be held annually during the first or second week of August.

2006 - Our first Summer Day Camps were launched for children ages 5-11.

2006 - The Super Science Saturday Club was started to provide a Saturday morning science lesson and crafty experiment for children ages 5-10.

2006 – We began a monthly Lecture Series for older, middle school aged students up through adults and is still ongoing today.

2005 - On May 5th the Science Center and Truassic Park opened to the public!

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