In response to regulations regarding the COVID-19 virus, Akron Fossils & Science Center will be CLOSED through March until further notice.
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Guided Tours

Explore Science

The experience at the Akron Fossils and Science Center is designed for all visitors to experience science. This is accomplished by providing guided tours which includes a very hands-on experience. Depending on your interest for learning, different tours are available for you to choose from.  Each tour is approximately 30 minutes long.

The Fossil Fun Tour allows the participants to get their hands on real fossils while exploring the conditions necessary for fossilization.  Guests will examine fossils of all kinds as they try to guess which speciments are real and which are replicas.

The Animal Adventures Tour is housed in our newly added animal room which includes a small collection of animals that participants will learn about while interacting with.  Guest will hold, feed, and get to know some of our snakes, turtles, bearded dragons, Madagascar Hissing cockroaches, guinea pigs, and sugar gliders.

The Fossil Replica Tour gives participants a chance to understand the replication process while making their own replica of a trilobite to take home.  Guest will make their molds and cast a copy of the fossils for a great take home souvenir.

Several individuals or families may be combined together onto one tour if multiple visitors arrive at the same time.

Hands-on and Age Appropriate

One of the reasons we give guided tours as part of our programming is so that each visitor receives a specially catered tour to their specific age, interest and comprehension level. Plus every visitor gets the chance to hold real fossils and dinosaur bones!

Individual and Family Tours

No minimum tour size. No advance reservations are needed for individuals and families, only for groups of 15 or more people. Woolly Mammoth Jawbone

Group Tours

Our group discount is available for groups of at least 15 people. Please make your reservations no later than two weeks in advance. 




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