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Upcoming Events

April 15:  Super Science Saturday

Exploring Circuits

May 13: Annual Science Fair

May 13:  All Kids' Science Bash

May 20:  Super Science Saturday-   

 Soil Studies

June 12-16:  Dinosaur Adventure Camp

(Dinosaur Hunters)

June 19-23:  Mad Science Camp

(Documenting Data)

June 26-30:  Space Camp

(Mission to Mars)

July 10-14:  Creature Feature Camp

(Creatures Inside and Out)

July 17-21:  C.S.I. Camp

(Without a Trace)

July 24-28:  Dinosaur Adventure Camp

(Dinosaurian World)

July 31-Aug 04:  S.T.E.A.M. Camp

(Science, Technology, Engineering,
Art, and Mathematics)

Aug 21:  Simply Science Open House


Sept 12-14:  Simply Science Begins


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About Us

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Our Mission | Staff Directory

Our Mission


Akron Fossils & Science Center is a 501-c(3) nonprofit which exists to provide visitors of all ages with balanced, affordable, and hands-on educational opportunities to explore the science of the world past, present, and future.  We are more than a science center; we are a community of people dedicated to making learning fun and meaningful. We believe the best way to learn science is to experience it and this philosophy guides everything we do.

At Akron Fossils & Science Center, participants and visitors become more than observers; they become researchers, experimenters, and even educators. Our exhibits and programs let you experience science first-hand and encourage understanding and deep, critical thought



You Decide

In contrast to many other science centers, Akron Fossils & Science Center compares and contrasts a variety of scientific models including, intelligent design and evolutionary models on the origins of the Universe, and Catastrophism and Uniformitarianism models on the geologic record. Science is about searching and questioning, so that’s what we do.

How we answer questions of origins is critical to how we view ourselves, our families, our community, our nation and our world. Are we the result of billions of years’ worth of accidental random processes? Or are we instead the products of design with a purpose? Our Science Center was established to try to provide answers to these important questions.

As you will learn as you explore our website, we, like any science center, have a bias towards certain models; however our tours and programs are structured in a way that allows you to compare ideas. Feel free to ask questions, present new perspectives, and engage in conversations. At Akron Fossils & Science Center, we present multiple theories and encourage you to think like scientists, surveying the evidence, comparing ideas with others, and drawing your own conclusions.


What We Do

Akron Fossils & Science Center features hands-on tours and science activities that put knowledge directly in your hands. Our exhibits display many fossils from Ohio and around the world. Unlike many other science centers, our fossils aren’t in glass cases; they are in your hands where you can truly experience and learn from these records of the past. Hold real fossils, make your own replicas, and ask critical questions, just like real scientists.

In addition to our guided tours, we offer a wide variety of enriching science programs, all hands-on and designed to make science and learning fun and meaningful. Each and every activity is infused with educational fun from beginning to end. Our center features science themed birthday parties, live animals, monthly Super Science Saturdays, K-12 science classes, lecture series, educational days, overnight lock-ins, summer camps, and so much more.

We also look forward to having you enjoy our 2 1/2 acre outdoor adventure park called Truassic Park. Our park features a 9-hole mini golf course, giant slide, and 200 FT ZIP- LINE!

A trip to Akron Fossils & Science Center provides more than something to do for one day; it ignites a passion for learning and exploration that lasts a lifetime.



How We Got Started

Akron Fossils & Science Center and its outdoor adventure park (called Truassic Park) were built over a period of two years by William Sanderson and his good friend Dennis Osborn. In June of 2005, AFSC officially opened its doors, run by a small, but devoted staff, giving tours to school groups and families. A majority of fossils and artifacts in the museum itself are from Mr. Sanderson's private collection that he started when he first conceived of the idea of building a science center that explored more than one perspective on origins of the Universe.

Over the years, this small science center has grown and flourished, expanding from a simple museum into an active science center with activities and programs both on-site and off that inspire a love of learning in curious minds of all ages. 

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Staff Directory

Our Science Center is run by a dedicated group of employees and volunteers.

We welcome your phone calls and e-mails. If you have a general question but don't know who to direct it to please call the Science Center at 330-665-DINO (3466) or send an e-mail to our main office.



Join Our Team
Volunteer or see if we have any current job openings.

Our founderWilliam Sanderson, II

Founder & Director of Finance

Contact: 330-665-DINO (3466) | Send an e-mail

William Sanderson owns and operates a financial planning company. He has been in financial services for over 30 years, and provides individual financial planning, as well as financial planning through “Money 101” and “Asset Preservation” workshops.  

He has been an active member of several associations, including the Akron Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, and the society of Financial Service Professionals. He served on the Malone University Graduate School Advisory Board, and served for 8 years on the United Methodist East Ohio Conference committee on stewardship.

Bill served as a seaman in the U.S. Navy for one year and was given an honorable discharge for a knee injury received prior to his service. Bill was a middle school teacher from 1983-1986 and taught in the West Clermont and Cincinnati Princeton School Districts of Ohio. As a former school teacher Bill has always maintained an active interest in all sciences. Reading, studying and inquiring led him to found Akron Fossils & Science Center in May of 2005.  

In addition to CLU and ChFC designations, Bill earned a bachelor of science degree in education from Miami University in Ohio, and a Masters Degree from Malone College, where he wrote his graduation paper on financial planning for professional clergy. 

Bill is married and is a dedicated father and grandfather.

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Our new Children's DirectorJodie Brewer

Executive Director

Contact: 330-665-DINO (3466) | Send an e-mail

As the Executive Director at our Science Center, Jodie Brewer helps create and direct the vision and the programming involved in our mission.  She works hands-on with our field trips, workshops, Educational Days, camps, science classes, birthday parties, and more. She has 22 years of experience working with children, youth, and adults.  Jodie is also the author of many educational children's programs like Camp Creation, Searching the Scriptures, and Sleepover Sisters that she oversees in local churches. She enjoys learning about all areas of science and sharing her knowledge with others. 

Jodie enjoys learning, creating, organizing, running, and spending time with her family.



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   Jacki Rogers       

    Office Manager

    Contact: 330-665-DINO (3466) | Send an e-mail

Jacki is our very organized, detail-oriented office manager. Jacki has been an Administrative Assistant for over 12 years. She finds the job rewarding because she loves to organize and brainstorm ideas with her co-workers. Challenges at work just make the job that much more rewarding.

Jacki has been married to her husband Ron for 29 years, and together they love to ride their 1986 Harley Lowrider. They have taken many vacations on that bike.  Jacki is a casual bird watcher and has a passion for the American crow and hummingbirds. She joined our team in early 2013 and has been a great help in the everyday operations.




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